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above: Hui O He'e Nalu 4th of July Paddleboard Race at Waimea Bay

Koko Trail

Koko Head Thigh Burner Workout

Talk Story

In Hawaii, people engage in informal conversations commonly known as ‘talk story’. This page will feature a lineup of articles from Everpaddle ambassadors and friends talking story about their stand up paddling adventures and surfing memories.

By Gabriel Mizunaka

There have always been rivalries no matter where you go. Tyson and Holyfield. Coca-cola and Pepsi. Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. Heck, you could have a rivalry with someone yourself. But what’s bothered me lately is the so-called rivalry of stand-up paddling and surfing.

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By Brenda Kwon

This is the first poem made with all the letters of Everpaddle used sequentially as the first letter in the first word of the line.

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By Morgan Hoesterey

One of the best things about standup paddling as a sport is the fact that you can choose what you want from it.  The sport’s versatility allows people from all walks of life to participate.  Lately, there seems to be two types of standup paddlers, the ones who surf, and the ones who don’t.  The ones who don’t surf participate in order to utilize the workout potential of standup paddling.  It provides a full body workout that is hard to match.  In my opinion, there are few sports that exist that provide as comprehensive of a workout as paddling does.  Swimming is one of those sports.  Swimming is a lot like paddling in that, it works your whole body, focuses on your core and really strengthens your back and shoulders.

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By Gabriel Mizunaka

You know, it’s weird actually. I’ve learned about canoes, paddled a canoe, even helped rebuild and sail a canoe. But I’ve never really thought about the paddle (or hoe in Hawaiian). It’s something that never really stood out. But you can’t deny that it’s important to paddling.

The Hawaiian paddle was about 5 feet long with a long, round blade. Imagine paddling with a giant fan and you get the idea. This type of paddle was called the Hoe Nanue/Nenue, named after a large fish found in Hawaii. The Hoe Nenue was thought to be the only Hawaiian paddle until 1979. In a cave near Kiholo on the Big Island of Hawaii historians made a shocking discovery: a paddle that was long and thin with an oval blade, completely opposite to the Hoe Nenue. It is called the Hoe Kala (which means to remove or release), and is lighter and easier to paddle with than the Hoe Nenue. Historians debate on whether it was used for messenger canoes, races, or in battle.

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By Blake McElheny

We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy exploring the ocean and beaches along the coastline from Kahuku to Kaena.  Stand up paddling with Everpaddle is a great way to view the whole length of the North Shore's coastline from a perspective you would normally only get from a sail boat or a jet-ski.  Downwind coast runs or taking time to surf at a couple of different breaks along the "Seven-Mile Miracle" is an awesome way to get a feel for the North Shore and to appreciate our special natural and natural environment.

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By Amanda Roe - Everpaddle Adventure Ambassador

It’s five a.m. and dark, but I’m already suffocating from the oppressive, thick, humid heat of the pre-monsoon weather in Southern India.  I’m wide awake, eagerly anticipating getting into the water because sleep is impossible.

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By Gabriel Mizunaka

When you think of the name Beach Boys, what comes to mind? Some might think of that popular band from the 60s. However, if you’re like me (straight from the islands) what might come to mind is a group of local island guys that were born and raised to surf and enjoy life. They ruled the beaches of Waikiki and were known for their water skills and love for the ocean.

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Nearly everyday my family packs up and heads to the surf break called Kaiser Bowls, which is right across from Ala Moana Bowls. There I found two young stand up paddleboarders, Jamien Chee and Riggs Napoleon, unnoticed and unseen.

Jamien's Interview | Riggs' Interview

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