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Everpaddle Stand Up Paddle Boards

The Agressor

Product Detail:
  • multi-planed bottom contour design that significantly enhances flow throughout the board length
  • increases tight turn radiuses with a semi-cupping soft rail that runs hard in the tail
  • smooth, fast, drivey
  • optional stepped rail gives more of a sensitive surfboard feel rather than a large boxy rail
  • low-profile rail enhances on-rail entry and exit
  • feels like the familiar performance surfboard rail

Intended for more performance minded paddle surfers who want to ride their SUP board like shortboards. We have been working on the Aggressor with shaper / designer Shane Reuber, and have been really stoked on doing tight carving turns in the pocket with 'em.

Available in custom dimensions from 7'10" to 10'10". Prices range from $1495 to $1995 depending on colors, sizes and rail shapes.

Call 808-371-9686 or email us to dial in your own!

All boards are EPS foam and epoxy glassing. All boards come with a glassed-in handle for carrying it. Board options include: carbon fiber; extra leash plugs for big wave boards, attaching Everpaddle deck bags / cargo net, GoPro camera mount, gps mounts; and windsurf mast attachment. We also offer the placement of digital images on boards to show off your art or company logo. Fins sold separately (we recommend everyone to have several sizes and shapes of fins as they are needed to fully optimize the board to the rider).