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Everpaddle Stand Up Paddle Boards

Elastic Cord Netting

Product Detail:
  • durable elastic netting
  • heavy-duty snap hooks
  • unstretched size: 16" x 15"

Holds down items like fins, spear guns, paddles, short surfboards, dry bags, and whatever else your inner Huckleberry Finn wants. Attaches to a board with simple leash plug glue-ons.

Our deck bag and cargo net attach to the deck of your board with four heavy-duty snap hooks provided on the bag to four leash plugs on your board that are not provided. Many different "adventure" SUP boards, including ours, have them glassed in at the nose area of the deck. We sell glue-on leash plugs and cords if you don't already have them glassed into your board.

Available direct from Everpaddle for $15.90 USD

Call 808-371-9686 or email us to dial in your own!