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above: waimea bay, north shore oahu
Kevin stand up paddling in Haleiwa

"Everpaddle Style"

We are a bunch of ocean-loving amphibians living on the North Shore of Oahu. Our goal is to keep our oceans, coasts, land, and community healthy while producing high-performance, eco-friendlier stand-up paddling (SUP) boards, paddles, accessories and apparel.

Here in the birthplace of stand-up paddling, we have access to world-class testing grounds for extreme water sports and to some of the most beautiful natural environments on the planet. We cherish the adventure, challenge, fitness, and fun of our lifestyle and want to share it with others around the world.

Meet Our Shaper

Kevin Seid has been shaping surf boards for over 25 years. Although he's been known to make some pretty outstanding short boards, he began focusing his talent on stand-up paddle boards in 2007. Just as every person is defined by their contradictions, Kevin is marked by perfectionist tendencies and taking fun seriously. This combination plays out professionally and in his personal accomplishments as a paddleboarder. When he takes a break from crafting life-changing, grin-inducing boards, he's in the water. Kevin averages around 20 SUP races and surf competitions a year, including four solo Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard World Championships (a 32-mile race he describes as "testing every facet of your being").

Haleiwa, Everpaddle Test Grounds
haleiwa, our testgrounds

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